A fish is a fish…

Warming water means fishing season is here, crappie will be moving to the pre spawning areas of river and creeks, and bass will begin to feed and become more active in pursuing bait fish.

One thing that I feel is overlooked these days is people forget that if you plan your trip for one species or one type of fishing you are setting yourself up for failure. Your fishing trip should always be catered around what fish is catching. I have had many bass fishing days that turn into some of the best panfish or crappie days I have ever had. If your catching fish or finding them in high concentrations never pass up that opportunity, fishing is a recreational sport unless your fishing a tournament so why pass up a day of catching fish regardless of if it was your preferred target species.

Growing up in the Texas coastal bend I learned that catching redfish, specks and flounder is where most attention is laid. But as kids, my sisters and I didn’t care whether it was a speckled trout, lady fish or a cow-nosed ray because all that mattered is we were having fun and catching fish with our mom and dad. Ladyfish, or “poor man’s tarpon” is considered a trash or baitfish, but it lives up to it’s name and put up on heck of a fight with some incredible aerobatics thrown in for fun and as a kid or beginner fisherman what more would you want in a fun catching fish?

In conclusion, never forget why you are out there fishing. It’s for love of the sport and the craving for some rod bending action, if your not catching your preferred target species don’t let it ruin your day. Don’t pass up a school of jacks or lady fish, don’t consider yourself above catching panfish, because whatever type of fish pulls your float under water you will still get that excitement every time.

Thank you for reading and please come back for next weeks rainbow trout fishing in central Texas.

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