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This weeks fishing report 05-29-15

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of material lately i was out of town for two weeks for work and i was able to get a quick trip in last night to get some video to you guys.

Where to fish-

The report for this week is consisting of the bass hanging around major drop-offs and loosely scattered around structure from 5-10 feet deep.

What I’m using-

The main baits have been soft plastics in the watermelon red flake color pattern, On the fly rod I have caught good fish on both the my versions of the gertrude gurlger topwater flying blakc and yellow as well as some homemade clouseres in dark olive patterns and chartreuse feathers for the tail.

Air temperature has consistently been inn the 80’s and water temperatures are rising every day.

Here is a video of some action from last night’s quick trip. If the weather cooperates I will be making a early morning river trip tuesday and will have the report and video posted by tuesday afternoon. Thanks for swinging by Apto Outdoors and swing by later this week for some more summertime bass action.

Throwing flies at bass.

Hey everyone, today’s post is for our fly fishing friends around the world. I’m going to go over three tips and tactics for getting more bass to hit your flies! All shots are from a trip this week in my Cobra Marauder Kayak.

Man-made structures.

Never pass up casting at structure.
Never pass up casting at structure.

When throwing flies into barns or along pier pilings and bridges, what I like to do is smack my flies against the surface of the structure so that it falls almost straight down or bounces slightly and makes a small noise. What I am trying to duplicate is a bug or critter falling off the structure or running into it and hitting the water. Bass and other predatory fish will hit your fly before they even know exactly what it is. When your fly hits the water let it sit for 10 seconds and you will be surprised with who many hits you have with no lure action. The fly hitting the water is the first action and many times the only action you need.

Natural submerged structure

Submergerd structure such as bushes or tree limbs offers great habitat for predatory fish.
Submergerd structure such as bushes or tree limbs offers great habitat for predatory fish.

Submerged trees, bushes, limbs and other debris provides the natural habitat that aquatic life has been living in for thousands and thousands of years. everyone has a honey hole where there is one piece of structure that has produced fish for as long as you can remember. When one fish leaves another takes it’s place. That’s why you can catch a linker bass in a certain pocket, and a few days or weeks later another bass of a similar size is in that exact same spot. the video below shows how bass stick to structure even with a lot of fishing pressure. If you hook a bass and lose the fish or he misses the bait on his strike, go back a few days later for a second chance.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/C6hP7w7FHSM&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Fly fishing the Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is the southern most river in the United States that can sustain a trout population year round. The spring fed river runs through Texas and stays around 73 degrees Fahrenheit year round despite the Summer air temperatures exceeding 100 Degrees regularly.  I scouted around the river looking for good spots to enter the river to wade, Whitewater amphitheater in Gruene, Texas offers a very good access point with hundreds of yards of good wading located upstream. One thing one should always do is visit a local fly shop for advice and fly patterns, Gruene Outfitters in Gruene Texas was very helpful in showing me how to target the bass around the river. I even got a pair of Simms Wading Boots 25% off because one of the boots was a different shade of grey than the other.

My tackle for the day was a TFO 9′ 5wt rod with a 9 foot 5X trout leader, and 5X tippett with my strike indicator 1.5X the water depth of my spots. The fly setup was a 2 fly rig with #8 split shots 30 inches above the  san juan worm with 18 inches of 5X tippet going  to the prince nymph

Fishing proved to be slow, even the guides upstream of us were having a hard time getting good hook-ups on the trout. Trying to discern the bottom snags from trout bites was proving to be difficult but it was a beautiful river and it was the first time I had been able to fly fish with my dad. I had made a cast upstream and set it to drift past a rock and tree in the middle of a deeper section of the bend, my indicator went under and I set the hook yet once again nothing. A few seconds later on the same drift it did the same thing, I strip set the hook and raised my rod slightly and realized I had hooked my first rainbow trout. The first fish of my bucket list this year was in the books and I had caught my first rainbow trout with my father by my side in a beautiful river.


One thing that was very apparent to me this week was it’s not always about the fish you catch, I enjoyed this trip because I was with friends and family in a beautiful place, making memories with my father. In the end I will not cherish the fish I caught or the wild game I have taken, I will cherish the memories of enjoying nature with my family and all the little things that happen during trips other than the fish being caught.

I hope you all are enjoying your spring breaks and warming weather. Be safe have a great week and thank you for stopping by.

2015 Apto Outdoors Bucket List.

Hey everyone and thank you for swinging by. Today’s quick post is covering the yearly goals  or the “Bucket List” for the blog and youtube channel. As soon as i can start getting out on the water and getting videos there will be episodes on YouTube. below is the month by month Bucket List.


  • Crappie- catch a 1lb or larger crappie on the fly rod.
  • Bass- Catch a 5lb bass or larger on the fly rod
  • Chain Pickeral- Catch a 20 inch or longer Pickeral on the fly rod
  • Rainbow trout- catch my first rainbow trout on the fly rod *


  • Pompano on the fly rod from surf
  • Bluefish on the fly rod from the surf
  • Spanish Mackerel on the fly rod from the surf
  • 20 inch or longer Red Drum on the fly rod
  • 18 inch or longer Speckled Trout on the fly rod
  • Flounder on the fly rod
  • Bonita on the fly rod from the surf
  • Atlantic Mackerel on the fly from the surf



  • Green Winged Teal Drake
  • Blue Winged Teal Drake
  • Mallard Drake
  • Hooded Merganser
  • Bufflehead Drake
  • Bluebill  Drake
  • Redhead Drake
  • Canvasback Drake
  • Wood Duck Drake
  • Ringneck Drake
  • Canadian Goose
  • Snow Goose

A few new flies added to the flies page.

I have tied some new flies and have added them  to our hand tied flies page, feel free to leave comments if you like a particular fly or style of fly.

New Page on the Site- Hand Tied Flies!

Hello to everyone stopping by! We have added a new page to the site called “Hand tied flies”. It displays pictures of the flies I tie in my tiny shop and use for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. As I tie more flies and come up with new patterns I will update it weekly and  as more fish are caught using each individual fly I will add to the description and captions what fish it catches and how it was fished. Below is a link to the new page.


Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave comments on the new page and new photos on which flies you like. If  you really like one of my flies I will make one or two for you to try out yourself. I am not currently selling them as I am new to making flies but I look forward to the day I have enough interest in my flies to sell them.

Come back later this week for our next post covering why weather affects the behavior and feeding patterns of fish during weather changes.

The 2015 Apto Outdoors fishing and hunting schedule.


January- the launching of the website as well as an introduction into aptooutdoors.com and associated social media sites.

February- Freshwater fly fishing,  and the boat restoration project I am currently working on.

March- Spring crappie and bass fishing from fly rods to conventional rods, surf fishing and boat restoration.

April- Focusing on Freshwater fly fishing, but also covering  gearing up for the intense summer saltwater action.

May- Saltwater fly fishing, surf fishing, and some freshwater fishing. Main focus is the 2015 bucket list for apto outdoors.

August- Saltwater fly fishing, surf fishing, and some freshwater fishing.

September- Wrapping up the saltwater fishing season and the start of early waterfowl seasons.

October- Some fishing but mostly focusing on The 2015 Waterfowl seasons and saltwater fishing while it is still producing.

November- Most posts will be covering the waterfowl season.

December- Waterfowl Season is in full swing and most posts will be covering the waterfowl trips.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back for our fishing adventures coming this spring!

Why i love fly fishing

Why I am in love with fly fishing

It’s mid day, 90 degrees and sunny. While most fisherman are fishing deep holes and cooler areas. I am targeting bass in the shallows with my fly rod. Whether it’s the more natural presentation of the fly or the ability to fish a spot slower with the fly, something about it drives the bass crazy.

2 lb bass on hand tied fly
2 lb bass on hand tied fly

My father was slightly skeptical when I told him I could take him to a creek on hot summer afternoon and catch bass until I was tired of catching. By the end of the trip I had ran through my entire fly box and only had two usable flies that hadn’t been destroyed by the aggressive warm water fish. I have realized that the presentation of flies not only is much more productive with bass but with crappie as well. After I had caught about ten crappie holding on some structure I figured I could come back with minnows and double my catch, I came back the next day and after an hour of using minnows and not a bite I was frustrated to say the least. I grabbed my fly rod cast in the same spots I had used the minnows and on the first cast had a 1.25lb crappie in the boat. I wondered why a school of crappie was hitting this tiny white fly over a flashing minnow all day.

Crappie on the fly
Crappie on the fly

Fish have a tendency to never turn down an easy meal, think about what looks like an easier meal. A fast moving crankbait, spinner bait, or topwater. Or a slow, suspending fly that looks as if it can barely swim.
Im not trying to push you into fly fishing I am simply explaining why I am in love with this style of fishing. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to my site for upcoming fly tying demonstrations and fishing trip reports!