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Top 3 Saltwater Lures and Natural Baits.

Hey everyone and thanks for swinging by for another blog. Today I will be covering the top 3 Lures and top 3 Natural Baits for saltwater fishing.

Top 3 lures-

#1 –  The Johnson weedless spoon. I have caught more fish in more places on this spoon when nothing else works, Whether your drift fishing potholes or wade fishing a grass line in the flats a gold spoon would be my first choice if I could only take one lure.

#2 Gulp Artificial Baits-  I have caught a wide variety of fish using the gulp baits as well. My favorite is the chartreuse swimming mullet. It out-fishes any other soft plastic and I have caught dozens of fish from working it in the shallows for red drum and flounder and caught fish in the surf by letting it sit on the bottom and let the current give the tail action. Another great gulp lure is the shrimp in the new penny color. I have personally seen the new penny shrimp out fish a live shrimp on multiple occasions the the gulf coast.

#3 Rapala Skitter-Walk- I love top-water fishing. Whether I’m working the marsh or throwing it in the surf and breakers it consistently catches fish. I prefer the skitter-walks sound over the top-dog lures, the more reflective the bait the more I like it however the red drum colored lure I have barely has any paint on it anymore if you catch my drift.

Top  3 Natural Baits-

#1 Shrimp- There is no natural bait that will out-fish shrimp. Whether your fishing for catfish in a pond or river to surf fishing or in the bay, it will catch fish all day long. There are to many ways to fish  shrimp to cover in a blog but my favorite way to fish it is a Popping cork with live or dead shrimp suspended beneath. It flat out catches fish everywhere you can imagine.

#2 Live Mullet- Live or dead mullet will catch fish almost as consistently as shrimp. It is a oily fish that makes good bottom bait, but also can survive a significant amount of time longer than more fragile bait such as pinfish or croaker. My favorite mullet rig is under a popping cork just like the shrimp.

#3 Sand Fleas “Mole Crabs” – One of my favorite baits to use is sand fleas, they are small crab like creatures that burrow in the sand at the waters edge all the way out into the surf. Bottom fish love them because they are easy food and are plentiful in numbers. You have to catch them by hand or with a sand flea rake, but the rewards of catching them can by a good day of fishing. My favorite rig is a two hook bottom rig due to the ability of fish to eat these baits quickly.

As always I hope this helps you catch more fish and thank you so much for reading. There are many other baits that I love to use from live croaker to cut eel, all the way to ladyfish and ribbonfish. However the top six I have discussed are the most effective overall and produce the same results on a consistent basis. Thanks again for reading and we hope to see you back for more.

Our first video episode will be January 30th,2014 and will cover freshwater fly fishing in the winter cold.

The 2015 Apto Outdoors fishing and hunting schedule.


January- the launching of the website as well as an introduction into and associated social media sites.

February- Freshwater fly fishing,  and the boat restoration project I am currently working on.

March- Spring crappie and bass fishing from fly rods to conventional rods, surf fishing and boat restoration.

April- Focusing on Freshwater fly fishing, but also covering  gearing up for the intense summer saltwater action.

May- Saltwater fly fishing, surf fishing, and some freshwater fishing. Main focus is the 2015 bucket list for apto outdoors.

August- Saltwater fly fishing, surf fishing, and some freshwater fishing.

September- Wrapping up the saltwater fishing season and the start of early waterfowl seasons.

October- Some fishing but mostly focusing on The 2015 Waterfowl seasons and saltwater fishing while it is still producing.

November- Most posts will be covering the waterfowl season.

December- Waterfowl Season is in full swing and most posts will be covering the waterfowl trips.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back for our fishing adventures coming this spring!

When the fish don’t bite

Some days the weather is perfect, water is beautiful, and winds are 0-5 knots. A perfect fishing day but with one problem, The fish won’t bite.

During these situations it is easy to get frustrated, say some choice words, and end the day on a horrible note. What is just as easy to do however and much more productive is to always have a backup plan given the fish don’t bite. Whether its dive gear, a body board, or spearfishing gear always have something on hand so your day isn’t a loss.

It never fails that when I think I won’t need something such as my body board, a few hours of fishing with no fish landed the swells started to pick up and the wind switched offshore. I was not only upset that I wasn’t catching fish but that I had not brought my back up plan. Cue the wife! luckily my amazing wife had thrown my body board in the back of the jeep without me knowing, having seen me make this mistake of not bringing it before she thought ahead and ended up saving the day. While we didn’t catch any fish a random summer swell is much appreciated and i took advantage of a bad fishing situation and turned it into an enjoyable afternoon.

An Outer Banks summer swell
An Outer Banks summer swell

In conclusion, Always be prepared for a way to salvage your day. You can’t always outsmart the fish and having a backup plan will save your soul from some added frustration and stress!

Why i love fly fishing

Why I am in love with fly fishing

It’s mid day, 90 degrees and sunny. While most fisherman are fishing deep holes and cooler areas. I am targeting bass in the shallows with my fly rod. Whether it’s the more natural presentation of the fly or the ability to fish a spot slower with the fly, something about it drives the bass crazy.

2 lb bass on hand tied fly
2 lb bass on hand tied fly

My father was slightly skeptical when I told him I could take him to a creek on hot summer afternoon and catch bass until I was tired of catching. By the end of the trip I had ran through my entire fly box and only had two usable flies that hadn’t been destroyed by the aggressive warm water fish. I have realized that the presentation of flies not only is much more productive with bass but with crappie as well. After I had caught about ten crappie holding on some structure I figured I could come back with minnows and double my catch, I came back the next day and after an hour of using minnows and not a bite I was frustrated to say the least. I grabbed my fly rod cast in the same spots I had used the minnows and on the first cast had a 1.25lb crappie in the boat. I wondered why a school of crappie was hitting this tiny white fly over a flashing minnow all day.

Crappie on the fly
Crappie on the fly

Fish have a tendency to never turn down an easy meal, think about what looks like an easier meal. A fast moving crankbait, spinner bait, or topwater. Or a slow, suspending fly that looks as if it can barely swim.
Im not trying to push you into fly fishing I am simply explaining why I am in love with this style of fishing. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to my site for upcoming fly tying demonstrations and fishing trip reports!