Back to the Basics- Topwater Chugging

When it comes to throwing top waters, most people people think of dawn and dusk. I want you to start to picture top waters as I do, Topwater baits are my #1 choice of type of lure to throw, I can cover larger areas of water quickly and effectively, and what I mean by that is I am covering an area of water quickly while still saturating the area with multiple casts. Topwaters provide a large surface disturbance that can draw fish in from a good distance for the strike. Below are my favorite color patterns for topwater chug bug action. My color voices change slightly when we get into a walk the dog style lure but that will be another post later this spring.

I hope this quick post can help you better understand my topwater color selections and maybe provide some insight on what you should throw this spring. Stay safe and have a great weekend!

FACT- A commonly misunderstood aspect of color selection is to pick a color that stands out against the water color, however the fish are looking at the lure in contrast with the sky. Thats why black lures can produce much better than lighter colors at night, looking up at the sky in murky water, a fish can identify a darker color topwater much better than a bone or shad colored one.


#1 Bone- this color has produced fish in crystal clear water to the murkiest parts of the swamp.  I like it even more if i can find a bone color with a orange belly

Bone Chug Bug.jpg

Photo courtesy of

#2 Blue & Chrome-

I prefer to fish this color pattern in clear water as the flash can really attract fish from deeper water, I have hooked bass with chug bugs in 20 feet deep water, but it is likely that the fish were suspending around 10-15 feet.

Blue Chrome Chug Bug.jpg
Photo courtesy of

#3 Black/Red-

I prefer to fish this in stained water, as the darker color can really provide a good target for the fish.

Black Red Chug Bug.jpg

Photo courtesy of

#4 Fire Tiger-

This color pattern can produce quality fish in top waters as well as crank baits, the contrast in clear and stained water is very identifiable to predatory fish and therefore provides a solid target for a meal.

Fire Tiger Chug Bug.jpg
Photo Courtesy of

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