Back to the Basics- Bass fishing made simple.

With all the advances in fishing technology and advances in the lure industry it is easy to find yourself doing one of the cardinal sins of bass fishing, Over-Thinking it.  I commonly practice a technique for bass fishing my local areas that I hope by the end of this article, you might start using to catch more fish.

There are literally hundreds of color combinations for soft plastic lures. Out of the hundreds of colors, I want you to pick four, and only take the four colors you have selected out one day. You will be amazed  how effective limiting lure selection and just working with what you have can be. I often find myself over thinking which four color patterns to take with me on a fishing trip but it always pays off when I’m not wondering which of twenty colors I should try next. I generally stick with natural color patterns to fill my top 2 colors however I also like to have one or two high visibility colors that can stand out in stained water. My four soft plastics colors and types are listed below.  I will have similar posts on my top four top water colors, and crank bait colors throughout the week.

#1. Super Fluke- Watermelon

Super Fluke Watermelon
Courtesy of

#2 Zoom Trick Worm- Pink

Pink Trick worm
Courtesy of

#3 Zoom Trick Worm- Green Pumpkin/ Chartruse

Green Pumkin Chartruse Zoom worm
Courtesy of

#4 Super Fluke- Disco Green


Disco Green Spuer fluke
Courtesy of

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