August Kayak fishing tournament

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by. Today’s post is a quick one about a bass tournament I am fishing in august. It lasts the entire month and is a catch-photo-release tournament. The top 5 fish in length is what the standings are based on at the online tourney site The tournament is for kayak bass anglers anywhere in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virignia, and Maryland.

Entry Fee: $25; To make payment, go to and create an angler login. Login, then click on the “Register for tournament” box. Select in the drop down box. Check the checkbox
next Tournament Fees, and next to the Tournament Rules and TourneyX terms. Then click
Register. Now click Proceed To Check Out. It will bring up the Paypal webpage. Login to your
Paypal and send the money.

The more fisherman in the tournament the more paid places there are. I hope to see you on the standings board soon!

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