Balancing a love for outdoors while keeping a healthy marriage.

I always hear the jokes and sayings along the lines of if I had to pick between fishing or my wife I’d buy another boat, and while it gives a good laugh to fisherman it also brings up the subject most fisherman and hunters don’t want to talk about.  Keeping a healthy marriage while pursuing your love for the outdoors.

If I could have it my way, any day in which God wasn’t attempting to kill me with lightning I would be fishing or hunting. If my wife had it her way I would sell all my fishing and hunting gear and put a thousand dollars back into our bank account. Marriage is a constant process of compromise and putting another persons needs in front of yours, my wife understands my love for the outdoors and I understand her desire to have me at home to help with household chores and our children. So how do you know when to go and when to stay home?  It all comes down one thing if there is any doubt in your mind that your wife is going to hold a grudge against you for going fishing or hunting that day it’s probably a good idea to stay home.

I know this is going to start the argument of your wife should understand you need some time to fish and hunt to get away from everything, and while I’m not arguing that statement what I’m talking about is keeping your love for the outdoors from becoming a parasitic obsession that will slowly  destroy your marriage. Something I personally do to keep this from happening is on days where the weather is perfect for that all day fishing trip or morning duck hunt, instead of pursuing that time away from my family I’ll turn it into a family zoo day or family beach trip. By occasionally giving up days to randomly suprise your wife with a full family day or trip you will accomplish two things. You will make your wife beyond happy that she doesn’t have to juggle her housework with taking care of the crazy monkey children that inhabit your house, and you will open up a future day where you can go enjoy fishing or hunting without your wife holding an ounce of resentment towards you or your boat.

If there is one thing I have learned not only from my life but my close friends, it’s that too much fishing or too much hunting can and will destroy your marriage. While I want to continue my pursuit of that 10LB bass or a 3 limit of ducks in the blind with my friends, I would rather be able to come home to a happy wife and a healthy marriage. I hope this blog brings up the topic of discussion and just might help someone else’s marriage from the problems of a fishing or hunting addiction. Thanks for swinging by Apto Outdoors and remember stay safe and good luck on your next trip!


A perfect day isn’t always spent on the water, but taking my wife and daughter to the zoo.

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