This Week’s Fishing Report.

Hey everyone and thanks for swinging by. This weeks freshwater fishing started off with a bang and slowly tapered off into a lethargic day yesterday. Below I will cover where fish where caught, what lures, and what presentation.

Where they were caught-

95% of the fish caught this week where in two feet of water or less with a drop off close by, once again most fish where under the overhangs or right up against structure such as stumps or fallen trees. Last weeks bridge fishing action wasn’t happening as the only fish I caught on the bridge pillars was a massive bluegill on a rattle trap. Another hot spot this week were canals leading up to private launches and boat houses.

What was i using for bait?

Almost all fish caught including the Largemouth and Bowfin were caught on a Watermelon red flake super fluke with a paddle tail. the presentation was almost always a weightless fluke on a 3/0 wide gap worm hook in red color. every now and then i put a 1/16 bullet weight to help get it down a little deeper in the water column. Other fish caught consisted of a chain pickerel while trolling a small crank bait for crappie, two catfish on worms targeting crappie, and a big water moccasin that wanted to be in my kayak but i paddled like the wind to get away from him. Always be weary of drifting near overhanging branches and tree limbs because that’s where the cottonmouths and copperheads like to sunbathe.

Thanks for stopping by alto outdoors and come back next sunday for pictures and videos from the White River in Arkansas.

Pictures and videos form this week’s fishing trips.

bass 5:7 Big bowfin 5:5 big bpwfin 5:7

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