How to target bass and crappie in creeks.

Hey everyone thank for stopping by. While the temperatures outside are miserably cold and fishing is at a standstill we have time to re supply or tackle and tie new flies if you tie them like me.

Today we are going talk about more effective ways to target bass and crappie in creeks and tributaries of rivers. Most people understand fish congregate on structure, drop-offs and points. but here are four places I focus my fishing that most people overlook.

Boat Ramps- Some of my favorite not publicized fishing holes are within 100 yards of a boat ramp. Fisherman don’t want to be the guy fishing so close to the boat ramp and get chuckled at by other fisherman. “why have a boat if you are going to fish so close to the ramp”. It’ s all about how heavily fished the area is, most people fishing from boats know what spot they have been going to for years and aren’t going to hang around the ramp to locate new one’s. Tournaments also release there fish at the ramp or “undisclosed locations” meaning another boat ramp.

Skinny water- Go up the creek as far as you can. Forces of nature and erosion can create deep holes in these creeks and tributaries that can hold fish bigger than you would think. During the hot summer days Bass will congregate in deeper areas but don’t forget with increasing temperatures their metabolism also increases and they become more active. They tend to go deeper due to low oxygen levels in the smaller bodies of water and how the heat affects the oxygen saturation of the water table; however , in the heat of the day I like to target bass in the shallows as close to the bank as I can get with a slow sinking Clouser style fly and the results will blow your mind.

Local water retention ponds- Most city or county water collection ponds are stocked with fish to maintain the cleanliness and small ecosystems by eating the bug larva to control mosquito populations, predatory fish are stocked to control the small fish populations and etc. There are normally quality size bass located in retention ponds and can make a great area to teach someone to fly fish or to take you child fishing. Some of my favorite quick fly fishing spots by my house are large retention ponds.

I hope this information helps you make some great memories. Thank you for reading and good luck getting your gear ready for spring fishing!

Quality bass caught at the end of a old canal on a creek. Good example of a skinny water bass
Quality bass caught at the end of a old canal on a creek. Good example of a skinny water bass

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