When the fish don’t bite

Some days the weather is perfect, water is beautiful, and winds are 0-5 knots. A perfect fishing day but with one problem, The fish won’t bite.

During these situations it is easy to get frustrated, say some choice words, and end the day on a horrible note. What is just as easy to do however and much more productive is to always have a backup plan given the fish don’t bite. Whether its dive gear, a body board, or spearfishing gear always have something on hand so your day isn’t a loss.

It never fails that when I think I won’t need something such as my body board, a few hours of fishing with no fish landed the swells started to pick up and the wind switched offshore. I was not only upset that I wasn’t catching fish but that I had not brought my back up plan. Cue the wife! luckily my amazing wife had thrown my body board in the back of the jeep without me knowing, having seen me make this mistake of not bringing it before she thought ahead and ended up saving the day. While we didn’t catch any fish a random summer swell is much appreciated and i took advantage of a bad fishing situation and turned it into an enjoyable afternoon.

An Outer Banks summer swell
An Outer Banks summer swell

In conclusion, Always be prepared for a way to salvage your day. You can’t always outsmart the fish and having a backup plan will save your soul from some added frustration and stress!

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