Why i love fly fishing

Why I am in love with fly fishing

It’s mid day, 90 degrees and sunny. While most fisherman are fishing deep holes and cooler areas. I am targeting bass in the shallows with my fly rod. Whether it’s the more natural presentation of the fly or the ability to fish a spot slower with the fly, something about it drives the bass crazy.

2 lb bass on hand tied fly
2 lb bass on hand tied fly

My father was slightly skeptical when I told him I could take him to a creek on hot summer afternoon and catch bass until I was tired of catching. By the end of the trip I had ran through my entire fly box and only had two usable flies that hadn’t been destroyed by the aggressive warm water fish. I have realized that the presentation of flies not only is much more productive with bass but with crappie as well. After I had caught about ten crappie holding on some structure I figured I could come back with minnows and double my catch, I came back the next day and after an hour of using minnows and not a bite I was frustrated to say the least. I grabbed my fly rod cast in the same spots I had used the minnows and on the first cast had a 1.25lb crappie in the boat. I wondered why a school of crappie was hitting this tiny white fly over a flashing minnow all day.

Crappie on the fly
Crappie on the fly

Fish have a tendency to never turn down an easy meal, think about what looks like an easier meal. A fast moving crankbait, spinner bait, or topwater. Or a slow, suspending fly that looks as if it can barely swim.
Im not trying to push you into fly fishing I am simply explaining why I am in love with this style of fishing. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to my site for upcoming fly tying demonstrations and fishing trip reports!

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